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    • 1. LED Headlights

      The MX’s 3K Lumen LED projector headlights provide superior illumination, and adds a major style element to your ride.

    • 2. Front LED Turn Signals

      The Front LED turn signals provide better visibility to other vehicles when you signal your turns.

    • 3. Multi-Function Digital Display

      Digital display features speedometer, odometer, tachometer, A&B trip meters,Gear indicator, fuel gauge, clock, and indicator of low/high beam. The Instrument is multi-color so you are able to personalize the color to your liking.

    • 4. Anodized Custom Brake/Clutch Levers

      Adjustable Anodized Aluminum Clutch and Brake levers can be adjusted to your grip to ease braking and switching gears.

    • 5. Anodized Grips

      The Anodized grips gives the MX a more customized look to match the style and accessories.

    • 6. Anodized Mirrors

      The MX features anodized Aluminum mirrors giving your ride the style it deserves.

    • 7. Inverted Fork Suspension

      The MX features an inverted hydraulic front suspension to produce the control and feel of a top-of-the-line sport-bike.

    • 8. Front Mud Guard Fender

      Adds an aggressive look to your motorcycle, assist with the Aerodynamics of the motorcycle while protecting the rider from propelling dirt and mud.

    • 9. Front12-inch 10-spoke Anodized Wheel

      Fully customized wheel that adds style to your motorcycle.

    • 10. 125cc Fuel-Injected Engine

      The MX’s engine is very reliable and made to give you the best performance on your ride.

    • 11. LED 3K Lumen Projector Fog Lights

      Driving in the fog or need more illumination while riding? With the MX’s 3k Lumen projector fog lights, you will never have to worry about lack of visibility.

    • 12. Frame Sliders

      The MX’s frame sliders help minimize damage from falls, while saving you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

    • 13. Engine Belly Cowling

      Adds an aggressive style helping you cut the air giving you a smother ride.

    • 14. 4 Speed Transmissions

      The MX’s four-speed transmission gives you all the durability, control and efficiency of a conventional motorcycle at a smaller size.

    • 15. Custom Kickstand

      The MX’s custom anodize stainless steel kickstand give you the style you deserve.

    • 16. Steel Rear Sets

      Lightweight and strong Steel rear sets give you the durability for an everyday ride and lightweight enough to help maintain motorcycle weight to a minimum.

    • 17. Air Rear Shock and Spring

      Air Shocks are better than your typical oil shocks, providing you a smoother rebound and allowing you to adjust spring load.

    • 18. Solid Aluminum Swing Arm

      With our solid aluminum swing arms, easily bent swing arms are a thing of the past.

    • 19. Rear 12-inch 10-spoke Anodized Wheel

      Fully customized wheel that adds style to your motorcycle.

    • 20. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

      The MX features 220mm front and 190mm rear single disc brakes for a superior stopping power.

    • 21. Dual Exhaust Slip-On

      The stainless steel dual exhaust slip on gives the MX the aggressive style what will turn heads.

    • 22. Rear LED Turn Signals

      The Rear LED turn signals provide better visibility to other vehicles when you signal your turns.

    • 23. LED Tail Light

      The MX’s tail light is bright and clear, without the need of a bulky taillight.

    • 24. Passenger Handles

      Bringing a friend along? The passenger handles make is easier to keep your passenger safe on your bike.

    • 25. Two-Up Capability

      The MX makes it easy to bring passengers along with it’s to hold up to 512 pounds.

    • 26. Low Seat Height

      At just 25.5 inches you can easily to flat-foot it in parking lots or at stop lights.

    • 27. Aggressive Body Style

      The MX’s aggressive body style is a real head turner, making you the center of attention everywhere you go.

    • 28. Fuel Capacity

      With the MX’s 1.45-gallon fuel tank you can venture far and economically too giving you up to 130 MPG.